Chair Massage at Your New York Health Fair

Chair massage is an ideal addition to a health fair. Health fairs are designed to provide screenings, information and to promote good health practices for all who attend. Many corporations are organizing health fairs as part of their employee wellness program and offering a seated massage can be an incentive for more employees to attend.

Professionals who live and work in New York routinely suffer from stress related maladies. The demands of this fast paced lifestyle and hectic work environment can increase tension and feelings of anxiety. Studies have linked unmitigated stress to serious health conditions, some of which can be life threatening. Chronic headaches, mental fatigue, high blood pressure and insomnia have all been linked to excessive stress and cause a marked loss in employee productivity. The natural healing benefits of massage therapy can aid in pain management, relaxation and can improve a recipient’s willingness to take a proactive approach to their health needs.

We can provide one or many certified massage therapists in one designated location or spread throughout the venue. The massage chair is quickly and easily set up and needs only a small amount of space. The massage chair’s unique design allows it to fully adjust and accommodates clients of all sizes. Chair massage is performed in short sessions, lasting between five and twenty minutes and our therapeutic massage practitioners do not use oils, allowing the recipient to remain fully dressed.

    Benefits for attendees include: 

  • Relief from aches and pains (including those resulting from RSI)
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Stress relief
  • Improved alertness and stamina
  • Fewer tension headaches
  • Reduced eye strain
  • Enhanced feelings of well being
    Organizer benefits include: 

  • Raised visibility and awareness of your event
  • Increased event attendance
  • Attendees are more alert and receptive to the healthcare information being provided
  • Less chaotic atmosphere
  • More enjoyment of the event
  • Offering a chair massage shows commitment to attendees’ good health

Scheduling Chair Massage For Your Health Fair

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