New York Trade Show Massage

New York offers world class accommodations and venues that attract top conventions and the competition among trade show vendors in New York is extremely competitive. Make your convention booth stand out from the crowd by offering a free chair massage. The biggest challenge in trade show advertising is attracting and holding the attention of potential clients. More often than not, visitors pass by a booth and help themselves to literature or promotional items and continue on their way. There is only a small window of opportunity beyond the standard greeting in which to promote your company’s product. A trade show chair massage will greatly increase the number of visitors to your booth and give you the extra time you need to develop solid sales leads.

Making Contact with NYC Clients

People will wait in line in order to receive a free chair massage. This greatly increases the amount of time you have to make contact with potential clients and promote your company’s products. Instead of giving someone a pen and sending them on their way, you have more time to interact and gain insight into their needs. In a setting such as New York, trade show and convention attendees can often find themselves feeling overwhelmed and worn out. Chair massage can revitalize harried professionals and make them more receptive to your sales pitch. Once the client has enjoyed the massage, the positive feelings he or she is feeling are likely to enhance their perception of your advertising message.

Your Marketing Strategy at your New York Trade Show Booth

We can provide one or many certified massage therapists to offer chair massage at your convention booth. We suggest considering three key factors in order to determine the adequate number of massage therapists:

  • The size of the sales team at the booth
  • The number of attendees to the event
  • The estimated number of attendees who are likely to want a massage

The size of the sales team at your booth is the most important factor in determining how many massage therapists should be on hand. Because this is a tool to generate positive sales leads, it is important to have a proper balance—we recommend using 1 massage therapist for every 2 sales people. This ratio ensures that everyone at the booth will remain busy. Setting up too many massage stations will be less effective because clients may leave after enjoying the massage, but before your sales representatives have had a chance to make contact. Offering an inadequate number of chair massage stations can increase the waiting time, which could lead to a drop-off in visitors.

The recommended waiting time should be kept between 5-7 minutes. This will give you an excellent opportunity to make introductions and pitch your products without frustrating potential clients.


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