Employee Wellness Programs

Introducing regular chair massage therapy as part of wellness programs for New York companies can greatly influence the health of the entire workplace. Many companies have begun incorporating services such as nutrition education, weight management assistance, health club discounts and even assistance with quitting smoking to employees in order to encourage a healthy working environment as well as cut down on health insurance costs and absenteeism. However, often times these plans may be costly and not to mention intrusive, as some employees may take offense to their boss trying to manage their health.

By offering on-site New York chair massages on a monthly basis to employees, companies will not only create a sense of welcoming to the idea of a therapeutic wellness program but will reap the benefits it brings in the areas of productivity, morale, motivation and health.

Benefits of On-Site Chair Massage for New York Company Wellness Programs

Unlike other wellness programs involving health club memberships weight management assistance, employees will respond positively to the idea of receiving a therapeutic massage in the convenience of their own workplace, rather than feeling pressured to attend a gym after work or having to participate in a nutrition seminar during lunch. During a 5-15 minute chair massage, each employee gains healthful benefits such as lowered blood pressure, reduced muscle pains, reduced tension, improved immune system, and relief from headaches, giving them release from daily work related pains and the energy that they need to finish out their workweek with more liveliness and a healthy and refreshed attitude.

In return, companies that provide on site chair massage therapy to their employees will see less absenteeism, heightened productivity, reduced stress and tension in the workplace, and a healthy, happy workforce. The advantages of using JoyLife Therapeutics to add on-site massage therapy as a wellness program for your New York workplace are endless.


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